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About Us

Founded in 2016 by namesake Genie Erneta, our specialty is helping our clients develop and realize their vision - whether a residential retreat makeover, a full remodel, new build or corporate office, retail or hospitality refresh/rebrand. 

Our services include full scale interior design & installation, construction interface and project management support (for new and existing builds), floor plan conceptualization and redesign.  We also offer AirBnB, ADU and vacation property turnkey design & installation.

In our corporate services practice, Genie’s unique background as a former Chief HR & Administration Officer, as well as her in-depth experience with corporate facilities management (remodels, Board capital pitch development, site selection, design and HQ new builds), is core to our success in supporting organizations with corporate space planning, design and capitalizing on the new future of work. 

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Tel: (832) 877-0749

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